We are a global manufacturing company with two distinct brands - Roxan and Grinvald Footwear

GTS is owned and directed by husband and wife, Ron Grinvald, an expert in plastic injection molding with over three decades of experience in the field, and Dr. Ana Grinvald, an Israeli/Romanian businesswoman and entrepreneur. The company has developed full-service solutions in China, offering our clients not just production, but also engineering, injection and assembly.

GTS creates solutions that meet our customers' individual requirements by focusing on their unique needs. The company is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest levels of quality, customer service, and accountability. We strive towards continual expansion into different fields and are thus willing to discuss and consider new projects with current and potential customers with mutual benefit at heart. With over 40 years of experience working in the global plastic industry, combined with our networks, innovation and production capacities; we help our clients to significantly reduce risk and deliver unsurpassed quality and services.

GTS Group has two established recycled material footwear brands; Grinvald Footwear and Roxan. We joined the Fashion Pact in 2019 to work towards shared and concrete goals in three areas: Climate, Biodiversity and Oceans. 


ISO 9001