We are committed to sustainable development, decreasing waste, recycling materials and minimizing negative production outcomes.

Since 2018, GTS Group has started putting great focus into the development and innovation of sustainability in our supply and production chains. We committee to sustainable development, decreasing waste, recycling materials and minimizing negative production externalities. We invest in production innovations which allow us to do so. Our global team of professional create circular designs and develop Eco-friendly solutions to our customers. All of our packaging solutions are sustainable, Eco-friendly, efficient and cost-effective. 

 At GTS we see a great responsibility as a footwear fashion manufacturer to change our production, distribution, marketing practices and strategies towards greater sustainability. Our company is in the process of setting up a collection and recycling systems that supports textile recycling between the clothing and the footwear.

Our company invests on Innovations and developing technologies for combining different scrap materials with recycle plastic - for example a mixed of powder scrap leather injected with Recycled TPU material. Creating circular flows are not only about creating the actual loops of materials, through reuse, remake and recycling, but also, consideration should be given to volumes, rates and contents of the flows.


Grinvald Footwear by GTS Group

After being involved in the plastics and fashion industry for many years, we saw all the various environmental impacts that happen throughout the different stages of the leather supply chain, such as deforestation and extensive use of water and chemicals. We have put great focus on the development of re-using scrap leather. We also do not source raw materials from endangered, threatened or inhumanly treated species.

Grinvald Footwear is currently producing slides and sandals made of entirely re-usable, recycled materials. GTS Group is the responsible for the injection of these materials into footbeds, outsoles, uppers and all parts of the footwear. The main materials used in our current production are scrap leather and recycled plastics.